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Introduction to Hoopers!


Michelle is an accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor (Level One)

Hoopers is a dog sport fairly new to the UK but quickly growing in popularity. It has many similarities to Agility, but as it has no jumps, no raised elements and no tight turns, it is suitable for puppies and young dogs that shouldn't have so much high impact activity. It is also suitable for many retired sports dogs that still enjoy the activity and relationship the sport builds, but cannot tollerate the physical strain.

Hoopers involves a dog moving through a course of hoops, through tunnels and around barrels, eventually at a distance from the handler.

In the 2 hour Introductory course I will help you to build your dog's confidence around the equipment, help you gain distance control and ooomph, and work towards completing a short basic course. If necessary it is possible to complete the course with your dog on a lead or long line. One you know the basics, come and "have a go"  on a course.


Two hour workshop £25      One hour "Have a go" session £10


See dates and times available on the front page or email for more information.

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